Bespoke Sportswear

Bespoke Sportswear are a business based near my home in Merseyside who are working to provide kit and equipment to semi-professional and amateur clubs around the North-West of England.

The brief from the client was to build a site that was information-driven; the nature of their business is that they don't intend to sell team apparel online, preferring instead to work alongside clubs to create a specific package for each customer. As such, the site makes heavy use of prose, rather than images.

As a small business, Bespoke Sportswear doesn't have a dedicated team to manage their website, but the management recognises the importance of adding fresh content from time to time to encourage Search Engines to crawl the site. This was something that I had raised during our initial discussions and we were able to add a blog to the project, which will be used by the firm to promote new product ranges and / or special offers.

Click here to visit the Bespoke Sportswear website.

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